Tinamarie Bernard

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Dear Curious One!

It’s not easy being a woman over 40. By day you wear the Superwoman cape only to collapse exhausted in the evening. You sacrifice your personal needs to take care of everyone else first. Secretly you worry the fast pace of life doesn’t leave enough room for you to feel feminine & sensual. And never mind that you live in a sex & youth obsessed society that sends constant messages that you’re not good enough. Sometimes you worry that your mojo & moxie are screaming, “Help, we’ve fallen & can’t get up!”

You’re not alone & you’re not crazy.

Let me start by saying that you are enchanting. Maybe you don’t feel that way now, but I know you have within yourself the power and potential to blossom  – no matter where you are right now and even if you may be feeling left behind.


Underneath your angst beats the heart of a warrior queen.

You prefer the gentle yet unconventional path. Your instincts tell you there’s a better way to live and love. You don’t want quick fixes or facades – you want meaningful intimacy & transformation. You have a primal urgent itch to color the landscape of your life in gorgeous hues. You have a wild heart that yearns to experience conscious & sacred connection. You’re a child of the earth with the soul of a seraph.

You just need help to break through your fears & restraints.

I know. I was there, feeling trapped by all the demands made on me as a woman balancing family, marriage, parenting and career. It nearly killed me. I developed numerous health problems including pelvic pain, anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. Now I’m using my personal experience, background in academia and healthcare to help women just like you create a life in accordance to your highest good.


You sense a deep connection between mind, body, spirit, nature & sexuality.

You want to live a life inspired by something mysterious. You long to reclaim your sensual, feminine essence and find delight in succulent experience.  Even on the worst of days, you want the tools to re-charge your batteries. You are ready and ripe to look your fears and the eye and examine sensuality more closely from a place of curiosity and courage.

Follow your momentum & bliss.

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